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Maybe you’ve never heard of us?  Or maybe you’ve heard great things, and that is why you are here. At The Meniscus Co, we believe that our experience, collected alongside and in conjunction with industry leaders around the world is the reason why you will absolutely love what we can do for you.

We pride ourselves on delivering seamless, stress-free and amazing experiences, no matter how challenging or unusual you might think it is and guarantee your absolute satisfaction when it comes to your event.

The Meniscus Co can take care of your business or brand as well and offers a consulting service for all facets of the service industry.

There is literally no limit to the type of event we can pull off, and The Meniscus Co promises you it will be amazing! Whether you’re a corporate client, a small business owner, a brand manager, or someone’s partner throwing a birthday party for a special milestone – we’ve helped deliver fully themed, multi-area birthday parties on countryside properties; bars at festivals; after-parties for fashionistas in abandoned buildings; luscious dinners and lunches in private homes and banging warehouse discos.  If you can imagine it, The Meniscus Co can bring it to life.

Our training and mentoring gives you direct access to world-class knowledge, experience and expertise. Having worked alongside some of the industry’s all-time greatest – both here in Australia, and around the world – The Meniscus Co has some of the greatest and most unique insight into what makes true hospitality professionals, in the best venues, delivering the ultimate experience for their guests. And the best thing? We absolutely love sharing these experiences with our industry peers.

Absolutely! Just like the scope of our event service, there are no limits to how far our consulting and management services can reach. The Meniscus Co can provide written training and mentoring, deliver it online, or deliver it in-person, and when it comes to events – we love working internationally.

In-house and on-the-job training is something we love as much as anything else. Being able to be there for your staff and team, in real time, means you gain the maximum, real-world benefit from everything we share – with the bonus of it all being tailored to your physical space, and your staff and teams’ specific personalities.

Our rates depend on the scope and size of your event or project and are always negotiable. Beyond this, we always provide itemised quotes, free of charge, and will not expect any fees for items, services or products that you have not agreed upon, or been forewarned about.

Please! Feel free to get in touch and send us an email with your requirements. Our email is address listed at the foot of this page.